I invite principals to ask teachers or other interested people if they would like to receive posting alerts for networkonnet.


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As well, there will be practical advice for classroom teachers.

Email: ksmythe@wave.co.nz

Many years ago I said that in his writing Kelvin Smythe “took-no-prisoners” and he has not changed much over the years. It is in fact a sign of his deep commitment to education. In the ‘90s with Network Magazine, and now with networkonnet, Smythe has shown a determination to hold to account those who take cheap shots at teachers. Along with his commitment to teachers he shows an impressive understanding of curricula and classrooms, derived from decades of visiting schools and being involved in curriculum development, advocacy, and research.

Smythe often gives academics like myself a hard time yet his writing is well informed by academic ideas though his detachment from academic institutions has allowed him to write more trenchantly than most of us are inclined to. His educational philosophy is a humanistic one forged in the Beeby years and carried on by inspired teachers like Elwyn Richardson. For many years, Smythe has provided a valuable service to education by being a voice for teachers and holding to account those who advance, or uncritically accept, ideological views of education. His networkonnet has an important role to play in encouraging critical debate about educational policy and practice.

Ivan Snook,
Emeritus Professor of Education,
Massey University

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